Maranatha Christian College

Founded in 1996, Maranatha Christian College is dedicated to biblical study and literacy at its two locations.

Maranatha Christian College is in strict compliance with the Florida Department of Education as an exempt institution with the Florida Commission for Independent Education in accordance with Florida statutes 1005.04 and 1005.05 (1) (f) As of July 2006, we have been granted University status allowing us to issue Masters and Doctorate degrees.

Maranatha Christian College is a Certified Academic Institute (CAI) in good standing with the National Christian Counselors Association. Maranatha College is licensed to provide testing and proprietary course material developed by the NCCA that qualifies students to be Licensed Pastoral Counselors under the jurisdiction of the NCCA. We have been in relationship with the NCCA since 1996.

Maranatha Christian College is fully accredited with the International Commission on Academic Accreditation.