Board of Directors

Board of Trustee & Directors

Executives & Trustees


Chief Executive Officer: Dr. Kevin J. Norton, Ph.D.*


President: Dr. Dennis Muench
Dr. Muench’s Biography


Vice-President: Dr. Ty Reyes, A.
 Dr. Reyes’ Biography


Treasurer: Dr. Estela Urdaneta


Secretary: Sonia Mitchell-Ph.D.


Dean of Jamaica Campus, JA

 Dr. Mitchell’s Biography


Dr. Joanne Norton*


Dr. Julius Ringling


Dr. Bonita Brier*
Certified Florida Supreme Court Family Mediator

A Point of Reference is asked of each Trustee & Ambassador, i.e. Physical, Legal, Emotional, Accountable, Spiritual, Etc. (PLEASE)

P.S.  To Insure we continue with Good Success, please review Joshua 1:8, Psalm 182:2, & 2 Timothy 2:15, etc. On behalf of the Board of Trustees & Directors - Maranatha, Lord Come Quickly!

Thank You!