Requirements for Graduation

Maintain an overall “C” scholastic grade point average of 2.0 or better based on the following:
A = 90% to 100% – 4.0
B = 80% to 89% – 3.0
C = 70% to 79% – 2.0
D = 60% to 69% – 1.0
F = 59% and below – 0.0

Course work requirements are to be satisfied primarily (2/3′s) by the College’s designed curriculum, by “on campus” or “virtual” campus (tele or video conferencing) or independent distance learning classes. Partial satisfaction of course work may be accomplished by transfer credit, “life long learning credit,” and/or “test outs” (i.e. equivalent to CLEP). A minimum requirement of 10% of total credits must be satisfied “on campus” or “virtual.” This also may be accomplished by accelerated intensive weekend classes offered each quarter on campus or via an approved “designated” regional cluster group or special seminars.

Each student is required to attend a graduation ceremony. (Hebrews 10:25)